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Some of the best venues suited for interactive digital displays are busy museums and art galleries. Such institutions all over the world are taking advantage of this new technology to present their exhibits to the public in new and exciting ways.

Today’s children are immersed in technology in almost every aspect of their daily lives, whether at home and in school. In addition to relieving the burden on over worked staff museums and art galleries are using digital interactive displays as a way to truly gain the attention of this new generation of patrons.

Art galleries are making use of such technology to provide visitors to their exhibits with more details about the artists whose works they are viewing and more. For instance an interactive display at the Andy Warhol Museum in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania guides visitors through the process of creating their own artworks based on the pop painter’s famous silk screening techniques, which they can print out, allowing them to leave the museum with a unique memento of their visit.

Interactive digital signage is also used to great effect in the famous Graceland Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, of course the home and resting place of the late, great Elvis Presley. Different interactive digital displays placed strategically in various areas of the estate allow visitors to navigate archives of still pictures and video of the man himself in the very place the visitor is standing, as well as commentary by the staff about the uses of a particular area of the home.

Even the great Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC makes great use of digital interactive displays these days. They use such displays to both inform the visitor about the exhibits that can be viewed but also to help navigate the vast museum, relieving a great burden on the museum’s staff.

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