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Types Of Indoor Digital Signage Hardware.

There are many different kinds of indoor digital signage that are used in businesses. Some of the different businesses that use these kinds of signs are the restaurants, shops in a mall; businesses that are run inside the airports are some of the main examples. There are several advantages of the indoor signs. The need for excessive protection is not required. These digital signs cannot be damaged because of the weather and so they do necessarily require enclosures. There are also some disadvantages of the indoor digital signage and the main disadvantage is that these signs cannot be too large because they can occupy a lot of space and this is not possible if the floor space inside a building is very expensive. The advertisers have overcome this problem by modifying the indoor signage to accommodate them inside a building by occupying very less space. The video walls are examples of this kind of indoor signs.

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Different types of indoor digital signage solutions

1. The floor standing LCD ad players: there are some companies that use the floor standing LCD players for the advertisements. These LCD monitors are places inside a kiosk that is placed in a corner of a building and the users will be able to enter the kiosk or enclosure and then use it to access the relevant information that they are seeking. Some of these indoor digital signage solutions that are placed indoors will also have interactive touch screens that are very useful.

2. The wall mounted digital posters: there are many wall mounted digital posters too. These are usually called video walls. These posters can be of various sizes. There are some that are smaller and will have a small screen. There are also other kinds of indoor digital signage solutions where the video walls or the digital posters are very large and can cover almost the entire wall. These digital posters are much more effective because of the fact that they will be able to cater to the needs of a large group of people. For example, if there is a digital poster on the wall in an airport, all the passengers who are waiting may not have anything else to do and may watch the advertisements that are run on the digital screens.

3. Other indoor digital signage solutions: The iPad style of digital LCD ad players, touch screen devices and video walls are the other kinds of digital solutions that can be used in any situation. These are all indoor device that will help you to get the best results in any advertisement. There are some indoor digital signage devices like the iPad that can be used in restaurants to good effect. The reason for this is that the restaurant can create applications and these can be downloaded by the user onto the iPad. This can then be used to check the menu, the special menu for the day, the timings of the restaurant and other aspects. Similarly, these kinds of indoor digital signage solutions can be used by various other businesses to good effect.

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