Digital Signage At A Trade Show

Digital signage for trade shows.

There are many uses for digital signage at a trade show, to attract prospects to your stand or booth, using either a digital poster or a floor standing LCD ad player this is simply achieved.

One of the main reasons companies attend trade shows is to boost their company profile as well as increase their leads, using a digital poster is simple as there is no need to take a computer to run the ads, just drag-n-drop the content from a computer in the office onto a memory card and insert the card into the player and the content will appear on the screen to inform your prospects and visitors to your booth.

Either a floorstanding LCD advertising screen or a wall mounted digital poster can be used to promote a new product range, with a scrolling ticker at the bottom or side of the screen with your business news or contact details.

One events organiser has come up with the top 10 tips for trade show success and using some kind of digital signage will address points 2,3,7,9 and 10 proving that a digital signage solution will add to any companies image at a trade show.

Digital signage solutions you may have seen.

digital signage

Not only at trade shows, but at any opportunity when they can be used to engage with existing customers and prospects alike.

These digital posters and LCD ad players allow anyone to create content in the office then attend either a trade show or exhibition with the electronic sign and there is no need to take a computer or worry about setting up the projector in a strange environment.

The simple reason is that the above solution shave a built in media player that is more than adequate to deal with running content, now you can replace some of the printed signage with digital adverts and incorporate sound and video to engage people in your company and products offered.

The only draw back is that if you need to add new content you have to update it manually using either a new memory card with the fresh content or a flash drive with the new content on it, there is no way to add content remotely, so no need to ring the office. Attending a trade show is normally a well planned operation leaving nothing to chance, so in this application digital posters and floorstanding LCD ad players are perfectly suited.

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