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LED Video Wall and LED curtain Video wall solutions.

Digital Information Display (DID).

Narrow bezel DID tiling technology for displays from 40" to 82" we have a solution. These displays can be hung either in landscape or portrait position. 

Having one of the smallest bezels on the market, only 10mm, these high definition (1080p) displays manufactured by Samsung come with a reliability factor.

Now you can separate or tile these displays as you require with total control over your digital signage solution, these DIDs do not need a separate controller.

If you add the software to a computer, you are able to control everything, see the image below of the tiling software.

As you can see the green tiles represent a Windows XP screen over 2 tiles, whilst the parrot is on 2 yellow tiles, with the leaf on 3 orange tiles, with the eagle spread over the bottom 3 blue tiles.

Proving the only limitation is your imagination, you can create a video wall with 2, 4, 6 or 9 displays.

Download the Video wall-Digital Information Display specification sheet, by clicking on the link below.

Now there is a more flexible solution...

The Flexible LED Video Wall.

video wall

This unique video wall is made up of RGB 3 in 1 LED, totally flexible and the flexible backing is flame retardant and waterproof making it the perfect solution for outdoor digital signage. Each square metre has 2,500 LED's for the most vivid image experience around.

With the flexible video wall, you can take advantage of:

  • 80% weight saving
  • 79% transport cost savings
  • 80% reduced installation time - just hang the LED curtain

This is an ideal alternative to the conventional video walls that consist of TV screens, these flexible solution is cost effective and offers a wealth of savings for the installer or riggers.

This solution is ideal for:

  • Music concerts
  • Football stadiums
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Nightclubs

The solution comes in a range of size including the following popular sizes:

Minimum size is 960 mm wide x 1920 mm high to a maximum of 2880 mm wide x 3200 mm high.

Simple to install.

video wall

Easy configuration.

video wall

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