Why 60” LCD display enclosures are so popular

LCD display enclosures are very popular, please don’t believe everything you hear…we manufacturer around 25 units per week for factory information systems and digital signage solutions throughout the world.

A 60” flat panel has several major benefits over its smaller brothers and sisters, the first one is that this large format screen when used for either outdoor digital signage or displaying factory information these can be seen much easier and clearer than screens 42” and below.

They also add pack a punch, so when any visitors are on site in a factory it gives a massive “WOW factor” to the plant, this is why many American and Canadian manufacturing plants are looking at these for their information systems.

Now when it is used in an outdoor digital signage application, is allows the use of much larger, sharper and crisp images to grab the eye balls of every consumer that passes by and demands attention.

There are companies out there that claim they do not manufacturer a 60” unit due to the lack of popularity, the fact is they are giving all the business to us and for that we say – “Thank You!”

Just getting a small number of “spare” flat panel enclosures ready for the last minute rush for the World Cup, so if you need an enclosure give us a call on +44 (0)844 3578687.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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