Who Stocks Outdoor Projector Enclosures?

Stocking outdoor projector enclosures.

This is a regular question we are asked about our outdoor projector enclosures is, are they in stock? As some customers will take on projects at crazy lead times and clash with national holidays.

Outdoor projector enclosures yearly demand.

One thing we have learned over the years is for certain times of the year you over manufacture to ensure stock, this is ideal for the last minute project or for stock directly after a national holiday or global tournament such as soccer’s World Cup or the Olympic games.

outdoor projector enclosures

In December alone, we’ve secured 12 projects for outdoor projector housings, these are all in stock and just need the relevant electrical components fitted for their specific country and then they can be shipped. Turnaround time for stock items can be as fast as 3 working days, making it an ideal solution compared to other competitors who are talking 4 to 6 weeks!

The Management put their success down to their experience and that they believe in investing in their standard product range, hence them being in the preferred solution provider for outdoor projector protection.

Why manufacturers don’t hold stock.

Some so called ‘manufactures’ do not hold stock, because of the simple fact they do not manufacture, they outsource the production to third parties in which they do not have any pulling power to pull a job forward.

They do not offer a standard product; having the mind-set that they cannot offer a one size fits all, how wrong they are and what missed opportunities they’ve passed by. The other alternative reason is the company may not be able to afford to invest in stock, this type of supplier I would stay clear of!

One thing is certain; we offer stock items on a regular basis and also offer an expedited (paid) service for custom or bespoke projector cases.

Partner with a true projector cabinet manufacturer.

Now you have the opportunity to partner with the leading manufacturer of outdoor projector enclosures that are exported all around the world, including the recent successes:

• Romania
• France
• Germany
• Australia
• Hong Kong
• New Zealand

So make the right choice and partner with a company that knows the industry, can provide a product when you want for your project at a good, cost effective price.

We offer several products including outdoor projector enclosures, check them out and call us if you need further assistance on +44 (0) 843 2893717.

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