Understanding Digital Signage Posters

Digital signage posters – do you understand them?

Digital signage posters are used in various forms to educate and inform us, but it can get confusing when the terms: interactive, networked, standalone are mentioned. So let’s take a minute just to go over these options.

Interactive digital signage posters.

As the name suggests, prospects interactive with the display and in turn are rewarded with additional information. screen sizes are available from 40″ to 60″ and usually in portrait but sometimes in landscape when used for way finding. These have a built in PC that stores the content and the files that make the system interactive.

Networked digital signage posters.

Used when these signs are in multiple locations, this allows the marketing department to control them from one central point. Again the screens vary from 32″ to 80″ and can be used either in landscape or portrait – just make sure there is an internet connection near by.

Standalone USB digital sign

These are the most cost effective units and are usually used as a trial to prove an advertising campaign, these affordable units are perfect for any indoor advertising and are used in locations such as museums, art galleries, colleges and corporate offices.
Understanding Digital Signage Posters


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