Ultra Slim Bezel Digital Signage

Ultra slim bezel digital signage.

Technology is focused upon style as well as specification, so an ultra slim bezel digital signage screen is becoming increasingly popular. Indoor and outdoor screens can benefit from this application as there is an almost seamlessness to tiled (adjoining) screens.

Breaking up the content image into ‘parts’ is frustrating and gives a poor quality to the content; advertisement or information. A far more professional approach is to use an ultra thin bezel frame, which gives the impression of one large screen which flows graphically. An ideal size for most applications is 55”, which is used as a video wall, giving the feeling of one screen. This would suit retail stores, transit stations or public art displays.

Using ultra slim bezel digital signage.

Forward thinking ad agencies are willing to use video walls, with a number of individual screens, for pedestrian zones or roadside advertising. Because of its size and clarity, it makes an ideal platform for displaying quite detailed images and/or text. A thick black line between screens is a hideous sight and detracts from the image being portrayed. The only place this may be acceptable is for each screen to display individual content. The large-screen market is growing incredibly well as other uses are found; music venues, public displays and sporting events can broadcast video which some concert-goers may not otherwise be able to witness.

ultra slim bezel digital signage

The rising market expectations have engaged commercial-grade screens, along with the ultra thin bezel of around ¼ inch, the resolution is far superior than previously and having an LED back light has also improved the performance. Many of us are also conscious about energy consumption, which features highly in these modern screens. The set up and installation is quick and efficient, which makes it suitable for temporary installations, however these screens are also great for more long term uses. If the thin bezel screens are to be placed outdoors, make sure this is clear when ordering the screens, as some are not; weather-proof, water-proof or fail because of sun glare on the screens. The maintenance and care of these screens is simple and uncomplicated, all because they are sealed units, with very few parts to go wrong, especially if they can be accessed remotely. Downtime costs money, both in lost broadcasting time, but also in engineers time, so lessening problems means that the screen will be running longer and more efficiently.

This way of simplifying digital signage opens up a new market for users, from professional advertising companies to venues hosting events – encouraging a new era of users and viewers. But not only information and relevant content, ie. the band in concert, but also advertisements can be slipped into the content which brings another element to the purpose and also brings in an additional income.

From a minimal configuration of just 4 or 6 screens, through to 100 displays, all daisy-chained together, would create a stunning and practical video wall. Quality thin bezel screens do come at a price; yet at just under $5k (July 2015), it is a small price to pay for an innovative investment, which includes a 3 year warranty for parts and labor for piece of mind.

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