Travel Agents Boosting Revenue With Digital Signage

Travel Agents Boosts Revenue with In-Store Digital Signage.

When a New Jersey travel company with $669 million in annual sales decides to invest in marketing they understand that the money spent will be used to enhance their customers shopping experience and build loyalty.

Liberty Travel found that they could enhance customer experience and could improve short term profit margins at the same time.

The project involved deploying 42” displays that were run from the central head office in New Jersey to 50 locations throughout the USA.

The displays were positioned in portrait position in windows, so that clients could view the content whilst the store was closed, during the night.

Proving digital signage works.
Liberty Travel staff informed us that customers came in because they saw the signs in the street and wanted to know more about the offers.

Now Liberty Travel continues a positive return on investment by offering advertising spots to suppliers and partners. So the cost of deployment and running the signage system is covered by the extra income stream from the advertisers.

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