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When you walk through Times Square in New York and look up you see huge electronic billboards promoting various brands, getting them noticed is the main priority of the outdoor digital signage.

Now who could imagine ten or even fifteen years ago that digital signage would be out performing conventional advertising mediums, such as static billboards.

With the fast development of technology, this has helped to push digital signage to the forefront of the toolbox for advertising companies.

Flexibility for updates.

Once a digital signage system is in place, it is there for a very long time, with the unique media content, this makes for a “must watch”, by potential consumers. Unlike poster billboards, digital signage can be updated with new content remotely or even across the street in a coffee shop, using wireless technology.

Now one of the main problems with poster advertising, is that as you can see from the image below, when a poster needs changing, roads have to be closed, sidewalks closed, police present, cranes have to be hired and operated, adding extra expense.

Digital Signage in New York

Digital Signage in New York

Image courtesy of Chloe 29 Dec 08.

OK, so the poster adverts are cheaper, but now in the digital age, posters are being ignored as more and more consumers demand interactive marketing, this is why sites such as Twitter and Facebook are so popular.

Lead time to create a campaign can be as fast as 24 hours, compared to previous print methods, would be weeks and if a mistake was made, the project would have to be started again…however digital media creation can be edited and changed on the fly, it can even be synchronized to start a particular ad at a set time, to boost the demand for their service or product, such as in a restaurant.

As consumers demand more interactive marketing, we will see the changing face of digital signage solutions.

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