Television enclosures for psych rooms – protecting patients and staff

Television enclosures for psych rooms

There are many day to day necessities or even luxuries we take for granted in life, but there are basic needs for inmates or detainees too, so by installing television enclosures for psych rooms these people can still be included in society – unless in isolation or have privileges withdrawn for behavioral reasons. So much can be gained from allowing a prisoner to view programs or documentaries to stimulate, entertain and educate them. It is for their safety and the safety of other people and staff to protect the hardware from damage directly to the screen, or by preventing injury from shards of glass or the electrical cables.elevision enclosure for mental hospitals

Television enclosures for psych rooms ; uses

Metal is the most suitable material to manufacture a television enclosure for psych rooms. Powder coated mild steel or stainless steel offer the best protection, whilst plastic or wooden enclosures have been considered in the past. These materials are not suitable; they are easily damaged, can degrade in sunlight and are inappropriate for the application. Both would be flammable or melt in the heat of a fire and can not accommodate the specialist security locks or anti-tamper fixing bolts. Other suppliers can only offer standard locks, which are easily accessible, even with just a fashioned implement and so are certainly not suitable for television enclosures for psych rooms.
television enclosures for psych roomstelevision enclosures for psych rooms

Facilities which use TV security enclosures

Applications which benefit from TV security enclosures are institutions which cater for detainees;
• Immigration centers
• Mental institutions
• Veteran rehabilitation facility
• Behavioural unit
• Young offender’s provision
• Medical hospitals

The benefits of an institutional TV enclosure

Inmates and detainees have basic human rights and would be quick to point out the fact that they are entitled to watch television. Often TV sets are located in common rooms, but they may also be in individual cells. However, consideration must be given to the safety of the patient as to their state of mental health and would an unprotected television screen cause them harm? An institutional TV enclosure allows the viewer to watch a program with out the picture being distorted, even thought there is a quarter inch thick plastic window over the glass screen. This no ordinary plastic cover, it is scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable. Even if the screen is in direct sunlight, there is a clear view of the images. Another benefit of  television enclosures for psych rooms are the clever, patented design of the specific sloping sides of the housing unit. This alleviates the possibilities of self harm by hanging a noose around the box.

DOOH Ltd are approved and specified suppliers of television enclosures for psych rooms and they have an impressive portfolio of previously supplied mental health facilities, who re-order on a regular basis for the prevention of self harm to their patients.

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