Steak House Digital Menu Boards

Steak House Digital Menu Boards.

Fancy a big juicy steak tonight?  Head out to a Steak House in town and there may be a new, state of the art, digital menu board for you to peruse your choice of meal.

The interactive board is both colourful and practical as it entices the taste buds with delicious animated pictures of plates full of appetizing foods.  You can put together your own choice of courses, including that indulgent desert, which you know you’ll never have room for!

A virtual table is set before you, on the screen and you can touch the categories to add or swap dishes to create the perfect dinner.  Interacting with the screen is done by using your finger or a stylus provided and is set out in a user friendly way.

Maybe not all restaurants will have such creative technology, but those moving with the times will have a simpler form of an LCD display board.  This may be located outside the restaurant in a protective case, where dynamic images dance across the screen, tantalising the taste buds.

Special offers and discounts can also be advertised and displayed for the customer to use at the establishment.  It is also possible to have the offer directed at the passing customer via blue tooth to a mobile phone device, where the patron can hand over the ‘e coupon’.

Marketing companies have exploited this form of digital menu by supplementing the content with advertisements and products, for example soft drinks suppliers and other brands who supply the restaurant.

So, next time you fancy a succulent, medium rare steak – call by a restaurant offering you an digital menu board!

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