Recording The Success Of Outdoor Digital Signage Campaigns

LCD Enclosure Global explain reporting.

Outdoor digital signage is futile if it yields no results, this is why anyone resellers of digital signage needs to be able to provide a report for the end user.

This report will show to the client, how long their ads have been displayed based on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so the question has to be asked, “how is this achieved?”

Any digital signage solution uses a media player however some unique models have content management software built into them, this software allows the digital advertising agency to update content from a remote location using either a hard wired or wireless connection.

Now some media players have this software as standard and it allows reporting for the ads. From zoning the screen in to a main video section with 2 smaller rotating images to one side and a ticker running across the bottom that is fed by RSS feeds.

One such media player is a high definition media player that has the facility to compile a report on how long the ads have run over a given time from the internal storage drive and is exported in EXCEL for analysis. The other good thing about this media player is that it will fit into an LCD enclosure easily, so it too is protected.

Remote updates.

Updating content can be done using the Internet and to minimize down time, the schedules can be set to a time when little if any viewers are around, such as early in the morning or when the store has closed for the day. So providing the media player is in an LCD enclosure the hardware can be deployed anywhere.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited provide a wide range of outdoor digital signage solutions from outdoor digital signage totem to a wide range of LCD enclosure.

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