Providing An Affordable Digital Signage Project

When a digital signage project is being planned, one of the main concerns is the budget, however there are ways to get a digital signage project up and running for little money.

Media player.

The first option is whether or not to use a standalone media player or a built in media player, the costs are extreme, however the standalone solutions are the more affordable but this does come at a cost, you cannot remotely update any content, other than by connecting a wireless mobile dongle to the USB port and connecting that way, normally content is updated manually with a USB drive.

Wired or wireless media player.

This will be based around your project and if a wired solution can used this would be the most reliable; however in some instances wireless would be better. As you can imagine a wireless media player is more expensive due to the extra electronics that makes it wireless.

The fundamental difference is that on an all in one unit, the media player stores content on a storage device, normally a CF card, compared to a wired or wireless media player stores the content on its own inbuilt disc drive. If you are looking for a solution that needs little updating the digital poster is perfect, however if you are working on a project for 200 screens you would certainly want to be using either a wired or wireless media player.

Possible solution?

The cheapest solution is a digital poster, as these come complete with a screen and this also has an on screen menu to program so that you can arrange the content as you wish and these all in one units are roughly the same price as a digital media player, depending up on the size of the screen for the poster.

There are other ways to also save money on a digital signage project which we will look at later.

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