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The demand has never been high than in the USA and Canada to put TV’s outdoors, this culture has never been greater to improve backyards and gardens by installing a TV near their pool or hot tube – with one major issue, how to protect the TV from the harsh weather?

In Canada and some parts of the USA temperatures can drop to -30 so a solution is hard to find that can cool as well as heats, until now! LCD Enclosure Global have years of experience of supplying outdoor TV enclosures, having supplied them to customers in Norway, Canada and Russia.

In the past, placing a TV screen outdoors has been very expensive, however with the European ban on smoking in public areas, owners of pubs and restaurants are looking for ways to keep customers in their premises and are investing in outdoor TV systems.

The options open are to use a specially manufactured TV that can be placed directly outdoors, but these come at a price, it is more cost effective to use a standard LCD TV and put it inside an outdoor LCD enclosure.

These outdoor TV cabinets allows the pub and restaurant owners to utilise standard off the shelf TV’s for use in a secure environment outdoors. Being waterproof and made from steel, these units come with a range of heating and cooling solutions to provide the optimum operating temperature for outdoor TV systems.

The cost of purchasing a standard TV and an LCD enclosure is still more cost effective than an outdoor LCD TV.

Some LCD enclosure manufacturers offer internal speakers within their enclosure, so the customer just has to connect them up to the TV and their system is ready to go right out the box!

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