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Interactive digital signage.

One of the main challenges that face a project is the pricing for interactive digital signage, this could be so restrictive, that the project is halted before it has begun.

But the fact is, touchscreen digital signage solutions do not have to be expensive, but please remember that the main costs are with the front overlay, that is the touch screen. This is constructed of thousands of wires, naked to the human eye, yet when someone touches the display and makes contact with the wire grid, the computer picks up their location on the screen and knows intuitively what content to show them, due to the interactive digital signage map, built into the hard drive.

Pricing for interactive digital signage hardware.

For a standard 42″ wall mounted, indoor interactive digital signage hardware will run any where from £1100 up to £11,000 for an 85″ interactive electronic sign. It depends on stock levels, brand of display and the current market value of the product.

interactive digital signage

Units are available in landscape, as above, making them perfect for disability access units. Others are free standing and used in locations as schools, hotels and even airports.

Normally, the media player is located in the base, to cabling is easy, just make sure the cables come to central point and enter into the stand, they have access points in the base.


This is a way in which people can navigate a building, college campus or even find meeting rooms in business centers. But remember these have to be in a high visual area, so no damage can occur to the screens.

Airport wayfinding.

Used to navigate travelers from the car park to the correct terminal, ensuring they get to their flight on time. This is a very good solution, when there are numerous terminals and it can be confusing for the travelers who are in a rush. Imagine if you parked off site and have to navigate through 5 different terminals without directions…with one eye on your watch, watching the deadline to check in almost vanish, whilst you struggle to find the terminal for your flight.

DOOH Limited have supplied many interactive digital signage solutions both in the UK and overseas, including: The Intercontinental Hotel Group, Sierra Leone Airport, London Heathrow and some Independent schools, to name a few.

Using our experience, anyone can have a cost effective, low cost interactive digital signage solution.

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