Plasma enclosure for digital signage

With the business market as it is, everyone is fighting for their share of business, so companies that would not normally be interested in digital signage are now considering it very carefully.

Deploying a digital signage system does not have to be costly, it can be acheived for $999, by using digital advertising posters that have built in media players as well as a high resolution LCD screen. These start at around 22″ and go up to 42″, they can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation and come complete with speakers – all you need to add is your content on a CF memeory card. Upgrades are via a USB connection.

Or if you have a little more funds, you can go for a plasma TV and a plasma enclosure, this does cost more than the digital poster however it is far more flexible and gives a bigger “WOW” factor for visitors.

With these solutions, businesses can try and capture as much of the market as possible, with the added benefit of creating an extra income stream from ads sold and displayed on their digital signage systems.

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