Outdoor TV cabinets

Outdoor TV cabinets, LCD enclosures, call them what you will, these are a key part of any outdoor AV solution, with more and more businesses as well as domestic utilising these outdoor TV cabinets to protect their expensive televisions.

When anyone puts a peice of electronics outdoors, it has to have some sort of protection from the rain and potential vandalism and theft. Without it as we possibly have experienced some one can come along and damage the TV screen, resulting in us having to claim on our insurance and the premiums go up.

One business in the USA, a remote country park in Florida experienced something similar, they deployed 42″ LCD displays to be used as part of a digital signage system, the units were installed on a Friday and on the Monday the staff found they had been stolen.

They contacted LCD Enclosure Global and asked for assistance, who promptly gave them a solution that once the ant theft TV cabinets were bolted to the wall with special fasteners (a unique tool was required) and the TV was attached to the internal mounting frame the door was locked with 2 high security locks, providing a secure solution for remote television protection.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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