Outdoor LCD’s – A summer solution for watching TV in the garden.

Now the summer is here, everyone is thinking of the long, hot summer days, were we hope we can spend most of the evenings, once we have finished work, relaxing and kicking back in the garden with a cold beer.

Now we have spent most of the spring preparing the garden for this, the most fantastic time of the year, were you see your tiny plants explode into bloom and you can the rewards for all your efforts and toil in the garden.

But there is one thing that would make the garden perfect…that would be to have an outdoor LCD television, perfect so that you can enjoy your favourite programme on the television. Now there are some issues related to putting standard, unprotected electronics outdoors, especially in countries such as the UK, were the weather is so unpredictable.

For this there are two main solutions, the first solution is to buy a dedicated IP65 LCD television or NEMA 4X, these are a sealed television and the actual surrounding sealed case offers the water and dust protection. So much so, the LCD televisions can be washed down with a water jet. For a 40 inch IP65 television the average cost is $3,400.

The other solution is to put a standard LCD television into an outdoor LCD enclosure, these offer the same IP65 protection with the facility to upgrade the television for a larger screen without having to buy a larger enclosure, as these enclosures are manufactured to cover a range of sizes. The outdoor TV enclosures can be cooled or heated making them the most cost effective solution, covering temperature zones from -30 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, with the actual enclosures starting from $400!

So to conclude, if you are thinking about this summer, may I remind you of next summer, when the FIFA 2010 World Cup starts, this will make you the most popular person in your neighbourhood if you have an outdoor LCD for all your friends to watch the matches.

The outdoor LCD’s will become very popular and the demand is estimated to out strip supply by early 2010.

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