Outdoor Gas Pump Digital Signage – Helping Increase Revenue At The Pumps.

As more and more gas stations join forces in the digital signage world with one common goal in mind-to increase spending at the petrol or gas pump. Discover how this self serve solution will work.

The gas station digital advertising industry is said to be worth over $3 billion, this is down to the time it takes to fill our cars up with gas, me personally it takes 3-5 minutes and rather than stare at the display to see the amount I am spending I would much rather watch TV, this is why gas station television is huge and why advertising in these channels is so lucrative.

With the profit margins razor thin for the gas station and convenience store owners, digital signage at the gas pump is the most cost effective method of attracting customers attention and getting them inside the store to make additional purchases once they have filled their tank full of gas.

However, the pump top advertising solution is not only restricted to advertising, but it also includes news bulletins, weather reports and sports news giving the consumer a perceived value whilst they fill their car up and they are more likely to return to the same gas station if the experience was a pleasant one.

How does the solution work?
The television displays have to be sunlight read-able and at eye level, this can be achieved with a non reflective viewing window on the gas pump enclosure, these provide both video and audio from internal speakers providing the consumer with a broadcast TV experience. The content needs to loop for no more than 5-7 minutes, as this is the average time it takes to fill up, the media can be stored on a media player that is inside the gas pump topper, this can either be hard wired or wireless for ease of updates.

LCD Enclosure Global has many years experience providing fuel pump advertising solutions throughout Europe as well as developing a range of gas pump enclosures, that are available throughout America & Australia.

For more information contact LCD Enclosure Global on 888-460-3573 (toll free).

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