Outdoor Digital Signage Now At Churches

Outdoor digital signage is even encroaching on the pews within our worship centres, discover why this is happening and learn how you can benefit from their experience.

With the economic down turn hitting most families, the one thing they all have in common is their faith, this can cost as little or as much as you wish, irrelevant of how much money you have.
Now churches are using outdoor digital signage to tell their flock about the Churches activities in the community, it can be something as simple as a Church Fate to raise funds for a particular charity or as complex as sponsoring a family to go and see Oberammergau the Passion play so they can report back and write an article on how the trip went for the parish magazine.

Now you may think of Churches as a poor relation, however in the UK many Churches had projectors installed to assist in delivering sermons and to show work from the “children’s corner”, many years before the English government insisted that projectors had to be installed in all schools to aid interactive teaching, so as you can see they where ahead of their time by investing in technology.
Now with the advancement of technology, outdoor digital signage in the guise of vehicle advertising and external video walls on the sides of buildings are part of the norm for congregations in America, the reason being is that this hardware is part of the community and due to this fact little if any vandalism is carried out on the digital signage.

But one reason they do invest in outdoor digital signage enclosures is to keep the hardware cooled in summer and warm in winter, preventing the screen getting damaged, as this would be a major draw back to the project and the community if the screen was ruined due to cold snap in the weather.

One thing a Church and its congregation are good at and that is to give to others who are less fortunately than them, an outdoor LCD can offer this by highlighting a “relief appeal”, informing the community and visitors about the good work they do. It can also be used to provide training to volunteers on health and safety as well as dealing with children.

If you are a business and not using outdoor digital signage to promote your company or band, you need to ask yourself why are you being left behind?

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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