Outdoor Digital Signage From A Digital Poster to a Video Wall

Outdoor digital signage is an evolving industry with most of the solutions coming from Asia, these solutions can be simple plug and play solutions just like the digital poster or a more complex solution could be a massive video wall, but there are some solutions that do make life easier.

Digital Poster.

This is a commercial grade screen that has a built in media player, this allows any store owner to create their own content or even get suppliers to provide the sales media to promote the suppliers products, all that would need to be done is load the content onto a computer and dragging the content to the memory card via a card reader, here the content is stores. The memory card is then slotted into the media player and the content will appear on the screen.

Now this is were things get interesting, as the content is controlled through a remote control, so now you can have endless selections on how the media is presented, for example in landscape or portrait, ticker at the bottom or no ticker, (including different sizes of ticker), how the images and videos merge into the other.

When completed the digital poster can be configured to come on and power off at a preset time ensuring that the signage is only running when it is needed to promote products or services.

A digital poster is predominantly used indoors; however there are some units that work perfectly well outdoors too.

As you can see if you can drag an image form your computer and add it to your iPod you can create jaw dropping and customer grabbing attention.

Now the other end of the market – The Video Wall.

A video wall is a large area that isĀ  used to show a large image or video, we have all viewed these at shopping centres, they have historically consisted of large flat screen televisions, these are special screens as they are commercial grade with a very small bezel around the edge of the TV.

Now what first puts companies off investing in this type of digital signage is that they have been considered costly and extremely inflexible, especially when used at music concerts to enlarge the image of the performer so the people at the back of the stadium can see the pop stars.

However the problems are here that the screens take up a lot of space, they are fragile and setting them up before the gig is time consuming.

But now with the introduction of an LED flexible video wall, things are about to change.

Outdoor digital signage is evolving first from using LCD technology to LED, now this flexible video wall is utilising LED technology with vivid colours and clarity never seen before in outdoor digital signage, the pixel density is 2,500 every square metre.

The LED video controller is the brains of the solution, this comprises of a sender and receiver and as the names suggest send and receive the image or video information that is to be displayed.

LCD Enclosure Global manufacture a range of LCD monitor enclosures as well as supplying a range of digital poster.

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