Outdoor Digital Signage – FAQs

What do you mean by outdoor digital signage?

You may have seen several posters that are plastered on the walls of department stores and shops and restaurants. These are covered by advertising the new product and the latest fashions or to make you aware of the best offers. These traditional marketing methods are paper based. Now imagine that as a substitute for the paper you are using a display screen that is dynamic and updated over time and displays not only a message, but a massive number of messages in different formats, such as text, images , video with or without audio. This is known as digital signage or outdoor digital signage.

Today, outdoor digital signages uses mostly LCD screens. Not necessarily due to the LCD, but can also use any form of screen including CRT, plasma, LED and LCD.

What is the demand for outdoor digital signage?

outdoor digital signage

These days outdoor digital signage is becoming a fast and efficient method for advertisers and integrators to display various adverts that are rich in content, that is full of pictures and videos with or without music, time are real and dynamic.

To capture the attention of potential customers while they are in offices, or shopping or any other public place that you want to target, it is essential to make use of digital signatures. Digital communication is but the advance over traditional advertising media posters in public places.

What is the key step in the design of an outdoor digital signage system?

Digital Signage is all about content. The key step is the display of content. Since a digital signaling system varies from one system to another depending on the type of content displayed. If the provider does not spend much time asking questions that accurately define the system, most of the time the solution delivered will not bring the expected results.
One of the key areas sometimes overlooked is the protection needed for outdoor use, this takes the form of an LCD enclosure, their are manufactured by a small group of companies who understand what needs to go into an LCD enclosure to protect the digital signage hardware, making the outdoor digital signage system last for a minimum of 5 yeas in extreme conditions.

How do you measure the success of the implementation of digital communication?

One of the most essential elements to be used at the same time we must make the decision on the deployment of digital signage is the return on investment (ROI). ROI is measured when there is an increase in sales in cinemas, shops and other places. The return on investment includes several factors including printing, transportation and labor reducing costs. The key factor that helps in measuring the success of the deployment  of outdoor digital signage is to define the goal and aim at exceeding the goal set.

LCD Enclosure Global offer a range of LCD enclosure that provide protection for outdoor digital signage systems.

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