Outdoor digital signage at the Golf Club

Outdoor digital signage at any golf club can very rewarding financially, from creating extra revenue streams for little investment to providing important customer information.

Outdoor digital signage is a wide term and it covers almost everything, including bus shelter advertising, vehicle digital signage, advertising in car parks and now on the golf club.

When deploying digital signage on to a golf course there are some obvious problems, the first is the potential to the hardware through accidental damage from a golf ball, then there is protection to the screen when the greens are closed to golfers and children call to collect balls (we know they do…). Then there is the weather and if any golfer knows about this it is a British golfer due to the varied weather we get, from freak rain showers to heavy snow and wind.

The only solution is to put the outdoor digital signage into a specially manufactured case call an LCD enclosure, these units offer the protection they need, some units come complete with thermostatic cooling and heater with the option for air conditioning, creating a micro climate for the signage hardware.

Normally manufactured from steel, this solid steel LCD enclosure offer all year round protection, making maintenance a breeze and playing body guard to the hardware when the club house is closed.

The benefit of using a commercial screen and a media player is that the content can be updated remotely, perfect if you own a couple of golf clubs in a certain country, the content can be updated without anyone having to visit site or even mailing the content for someone at the site being responsible for the update, this way you know it has been done and if you need to update content it will take you just seconds.

This solution can also display RSS feeds that include news and the weather, so know when a rain shower is forecast and you are ware of breaking news as and when it happens.

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