Outdoor Digital Signage – The Options

Outdoor Digital Signage – The Options.

When outdoor digital signage has been chosen at the marketing media for a business, there are now some further choices as to what hardware will be used. Let us look at the different types from the most expensive to the most cost effective.

Outdoor Digital Signage – LED Video wall

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Without doubt, this is the most expensive as it normally prices out at $2,500 per square metre, however these are state of the art and are totally scalable, meaning that an installation can be added to as and when more funding is secured.

This hardware uses LED diodes that are in 1 metre square panels, each panel fits into a steel frame here all the cables are routed through cable raceways to there is a definite cabling route. These are so flexible they are used at soccer stadiums, shopping malls and even on the side of vehicles such as buses and coaches.

The entire frame is controlled by a sophisticated computer that splits the image into the number of screens you are using and re-configures all the image setting to deliver the most visual inspiring image possible.

These are totally weatherproof so the weather has no bearing on how this solution works, making it perfect for outdoor digital signage.

To update the hardware, this can be done from a wireless laptop that is wirelessly connected to the controller, so if you had several of these video walls throughout a country, you can control them from one location without leaving the office.

With this solution being mounted high up for the best vantage point, there is no potential vandalism threat.

This solution is ideally suited for outdoor events such as open air music concerts, allowing all ticket holders to have a good experience and being able to see their idols on stage from any position within the stadium, no matter how bad a position.

Then when the concert is finished, the video wall can be dismantled and moved to the next location for the next show.

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