Outdoor Digital Signage – The Options Part 2

Outdoor Digital Signage – The Options Part 2.

Outdoor digital signage can be as expensive or as affordable as you want, now we are looking at the second part of outdoor digital signage hardware, this is the outdoor kiosk.

An outdoor kiosk.
Normally used in outdoor locations in high foot traffic areas, these can be purchased with or with a touch screen, these touch screen come in various technologies form resistive touch to sound audio wave and this does impact on the price, making them very expensive.

Outdoor digital signage using a kiosk.

outdoor digital signage

These function by way an internal computer, in the base of the kiosk, this connects to incoming cables for power and internet feeds through the base and these expensive pieces of equipment are normally fastened down securely to prevent theft.

All the hardware is accessed through the rear of the kiosk by the rear door, one of the main advantages of these units is that they are very flexible and return on investment is usually quickly than other digital signage hardware due to the fact that the consumer actually engages with these kiosks and makes the experience more memorable and easier for the consumer to link the product on screen to a higher perceived position than their competitors.

Vandal protection is necessary and so comes the standard drop test, these kiosks will withstand a 500 gram steel ball bearing being dropped from 1 metre onto the viewing screen without damaging the viewing window, this is essential as we cannot guess what a vandal will try and do to an outdoor digital signage kiosk in a remote setting.

An outdoor digital signage kiosk are available to take screens from 40” up to 80 inches including, 46”, 50”, 60”, 65” and 70”, usually the price can be as little as $1999 without a touch screen or $2,499 including a touch screen depending on the customers requirements.

Updating the system is simple, all that needs to be done is login to the outdoor digital signage network and update the content, this is perfect as it can be scheduled for specific sites to have one add and another group of sites to have a different promotion running.

When installed, these outdoor digital signage kiosks are very pleasing to the eye and investors can be safe in the knowledge that their money is secure in the technology as these units have built in security to protect the hardware from a thugs attack.

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