Outdoor Digital Signage – Protection in Winter

Outdoor Digital Signage.

How does this hardware get protected throughout the toughest time of the year? Winter brings back thoughts of last year with the heavy snow fall in the UK that brought most of the roads to a standstill, so imagine what this will do for delicate electronics.

An LCD enclosure is the ideal solution, as you will read it has a solution for all the issues you encounter during winter.

Freezing weather and outdoor digital signage.

When the temperature outside plummets below zero, you have to wonder why digital signage is so effective, surely no one is watching the ads in this weather? However if the inside of the LCD enclosure hits zero, the screen and media player or small factor PC will be in danger of failing, to prevent this the better outdoor digital signage enclosures are fitted with thermostatic heaters, these actually work before it gets to zero, to prevent the next issue.


With the heat from the screen and computer in cold weather, this can create condensation inside the enclosure, however a thermostatically controlled heater eliminates this problem by heating the enclosure before moisture is created in the enclosure.


For extreme cold climates, thermally controlling insulation is used, to retain heat within the enclosure, whilst the cooling system gets rid of heat build up, ensuring the inside of the enclosure is at the right temperature.

Freezing locks.

What happens if you send an engineer to site only to find after driving for 2 hours he cannot open the enclosure to access the hardware for essential maintenance-Apart from wasting valuable time and money.

Some enclosure manufacturers supply their units with lock coves, this keeps out dust and the weather, the worse possible incident we have heard of is someone putting superglue into the locks of a competitors enclosure locks! This is eliminated with weatherproof covers.

So in preparation for Winter, take note of some of the potential problems you may encounter and look for an enclosure that has all of the above to minimise you wasting time trying to resolve problems that could have been prevented.

LCD Enclosures Global – Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage.

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