Outdoor Digital Signage – LCD enclosure

Outdoor Digital Signage – LCD enclosure

Outdoor digital signage part three, here we will look at the LCD enclosure, this is the most cost effective solution.

What makes the LCD enclosure the most flexible solution is that is will take a various size of screen in one enclosure, for example the LCD46 can take screens from 36” up to and including 46” screens irrelevant of manufacturer. This makes them perfect for an off the shelf solution as this outdoor digital signage industry is such a fast moving one if you don’t have the stock you loose the sale.

Outdoor digital signage.

In a solid steel LCD enclosure, you can mount a small factor PC, thin client or a media player to display the content that is to be shown on the LCD or plasma screen.

Cables enter the enclosure in either the rear of bottom of the enclosure, depending upon the installation and engineers, so that unsightly cables can be eliminated. For updating the content the Internet can be used for either wireless connectivity especially when the enclosure comes with a wireless antenna – why not use it!

An outdoor LCD enclosure can easily be fitted with a touch screen panel if required, this will add to the price however the payback is very quick and the total solution is far less than the price of a kiosk or anything else on the outdoor digital signage market at present.

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Manufacturers of LCD enclosure provide them in ranges from 17” up to and including 80”, as you can image shipping them is hard work, this is why they are normally shipped in crates to prevent damage.

Now you need to look for a company that manufactures them that also supplies a range of ceiling mounts, as you can imagine these LCD housings coupled with a screen and other hardware will weigh in excess of 160lbs, so the mounting hardware has to be as robust. So the best LCD enclosure to look for is the one that can be mounted directly to a wall and also featured a VESA mounting pattern on the rear of the enclosure so it can be mounted from a strong ceiling mount, one you want to look is here – often copied seldom bettered.

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