Multi Touch Interactive Windows

Now digital signage is pushing the boundaries of technology with this revolutionary new solution for digital advertising.

This solution features a special film that adheres to a window and connects to either a computer or projector then the content is then displayed on to the window in such an amazing way – this will for sure get passers by to stop and take note, as well as try it!

This solution is relatively new and only a handful of companies offer it, so as you can expect with new technology, it comes at a price, buy if you want to be the first on the block with this type of advertising it will certainly increase your profile with consumers.

This has already been deployed in New York at several high end fashion designer stores. Not only is it restricted to the window this can also be used on floors to advertise in shopping malls or even a multi touch table, for say a design team, allowing them to work more closely and interact more efficiently.

What makes this unique, is that it is totally consumer interactive, a user can select images and with a flick of their fingers enlarge images, scroll through product information and even send a message to their mobile.

You know about designing your own Nike trainers, now imagine walking into a shopping mall and using the interactive window, designing your own trainers then sending the order with all the specifications of your design to your mobile phone, then going into the store to place the order. This could something to look for in the future as technology never stops.

This technology is simple to deploy, and is simply plug and play, using gesture recognition is something for the future, the only other hardware needed is a projector an computer depending upon your requirement and project.

This solution is available from LCD Enclosure Global, manufactures of outdoor digital signage protection. Their LCD enclosure range has been deployed in almost every country in the World from Australia, America, Canada and Europe.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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