Lights, Camera and Action – Everything you need for an Al Fresco Movie

As a guide to the size of kit you should be looking for, may I recommend the following:-

A 3.65 meter inflatable screen, 2200 ANSI lumens projector, add twin speakers, connected to 500 watt surround sound speaker system, played through a High Def., Blu-ray DVD player, all linked via quality, gold plated, cables.

Thinking about the sound, maybe you want the Wow! Factor, but want to be more subtle than having an unattractive speaker system. Alternatives may be to use imitation rock speakers which have an impressive clarity of stereo surround sound, but are disguised to blend in with the background, so being unobtrusive in your back yard. This could be 3 speakers and a subwoofer, whilst a rear speaker is flush-mounted on a rear wall, behind the audience.

It is possible to use an external wall as your viewing screen, providing it is a smooth rendered surface, on which to project the image, with no pealing paint, or indents to cause shadows. As an alternative, a white cotton sheet can be hung, to produce the wide screen effect, although it may need to be fixed along the top, using a pole, and at the four corners – depending on the wind conditions. If you calculate a 12m throw from the projector, the picture would be a whopping 4×2.5m coverage.

Careful arrangement of seating, with lower seats or cushions nearer the front, rising to garden furniture chairs and benches towards the back, will provide ample seating for your audience. Low walls (with cushions) and even inflatables can provide any additional seating.

Wow, what an Al Fresco movie showing that would be! Have the Buds on ice, fresh pop corn in a bucket and invite the neighbours (particularly those either side of you, so there’ll be no complaints about the noise!).

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