LCD Monitor Enclosures – Knowing the difference

When people want to deploy an outdoor LCD screen they have to consider what type of protection it needs, does it need protecting from the weather, vandalism, theft or all three? Let us look at the considerations before you commit your project.

Digital signage in outdoor locations needs protection form the weather, so you first have to consider what location it is going in and recall previous years – what is the minimum and maximum temperatures throughout the year? Does it regularly freeze in January?

Weather Conditions.
If you are based in Europe, you will have to consider an IP65 LCD enclosure, these are manufactured to protect the internal electronics from dust and most important fluid (you can even wash these units down with a high pressure water jet!)

Alternatively, most digital outdoor signage is deployed in America and Australia, here they have the NEMA 4X standard this is the nearest comparable standard to IP65.

Vandalism and Theft Protection.
These could be two different types of enclosures, however the best solution offers a higher standard of security with high grade security locks, as well as wall and ceiling mounts being tamper proof. Then the viewing window has to be manufactured from a thicker smash proof material that has excellent optical quality, as well as offering anti reflective properties.

Due to the high value of the hardware used, these are prone to theft, so securing them properly is a must.

With these points to consider, surely your project be a successful one, even if you bear just one of these in mind when looking for an outdoor LCD monitor enclosure.

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