LCD Monitor Enclosures – Helping Save Money in Digital Signage

We all know that deploying an outdoor digital signage network can be expensive, however there are certain things that can provide a cost effective method of outdoor digital signage.

With outdoor LCD TVs costing anything up to $30,000, deploying a network of 10 screens could drain your budget very quickly, but hold on to that thought – what if you could provide a solution that offered the weatherproof protection, the vandal resistance at a fraction of the cost.

A commercial grade LCD TV that is not weatherproof would set you back around $2,000, add to that the cost of an LCD monitor enclosure at around $1100, each screen location alone could possibly save you $16,900, this is a lot of the budget if you have 10 screens, imagine if you have 100 screens, the figures now get frightening.

If you are after one of the most reliable digital signage screens consider what is on offer and what will fit your application, the same can be said for considering the media player (disc drive or solid state) and the cabling (fibre, copper cable or wireless), there are numerous ways to save money on a digital signage installation.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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