LCD Enclosures Global – The Advantages Of Digital Signage.

Digital advertising is indeed an innovative and ground-breaking medium in today’s advertising. Technological changes and innovations had indeed led the consumer demand for more interactive and sensitive form of advertising that would not only capture their curiosity but help them answer their very own questions about a product or a service right there and then. The fast pace and active lifestyle of today’s consumer does not give them the luxury of reading printed ads. However, digital signage outdoors captures the audience’s attention immediately and gives them information whilst they are on the move, this makes the benefits of all-weather digital signage, truly impressive.

One of the weaknesses in print advertising is that it is static and, thus, costly. Imagine that you are competing in a very dynamic industry – you cannot afford to miss a development and keep your customers informed about your achievement. Timely and relevant information about a product launch, of a new breakthrough, of a new promo, of a once-a-month discount could determine your success for a quarter and even a year. These pieces of information are what your customers can afford to loose but you cannot. Imagine having to inform your customers of great new products, with dynamic advertising, you can give your audience and potential customers interesting facts and events about your company’s services or products. With outdoor digital advertising, you could now change the information that your customers see even in the comforts of your home – even every minute. The savings are huge when using digital signage from man hour costs, distribution costs of the media to the production of digital media advertising making this the ultimate marketing tool for the modern business. With just a click of a mouse, your customers could see new postings, announcements, and even discounts.

Another benefit of digital signage is that you can schedule updates, so for example if you want to post a special offer, you can actually specify a date and time for the ads to update and the entire digital signage network synchronizes and the new media is broadcast. With this type of medium, you could prompt your captured audience to buy a product or service right at the moment that they are viewing your post. In digital advertising, you not only give them what they want, when they want, but it allows them to decide instantly they see the advertisement. Digital signage doesn’t use the “lead time” concept for this type of marketing, as it is compelling enough to convert your lead to instant customers.

If the solution you are after is digital signage outdoors, you will need IP65 LCD enclosures, these protect from dust and fluid ingress and offer some degree of physical protection.

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