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The growing use of digital signage all over the world, in all kinds of locations is providing some very interesting experiences to the public at large. There are some who are already putting the growing technology of digital signage to some very creative and interesting uses indeed.

Digital Signage is providing a way for British “would be” poets to have their efforts seen by thousands, in an instant. In a competition being run throughout May 2009, anybody is invited to use the popular Twitter service to submit haiku style poems about the British summer time (yes, there is one) that will then be displayed in huge style on a digital signage display located at London’s Kings Cross Railroad Station. Because the competition is utilizing the Twitter service, which is available worldwide, entry is not restricted to those who live in the UK, anyone who has a Twitter account may submit their work, which will be judged by British poet Jackie Kay and musician Yoko Ono. It is the fact that digital signage has made such a visible and exciting contest possible that is most impressive.

“Value” airline Jet Blue is making great use of digital signage to add a major wow factor to their new terminal at JFK airport in New York City. They have constructed a Jet Blue Ring, a circle of ever changing digital signage that is suspended high in the roof at the center of the terminal. The Ring itself contains forty three separate monitors, all 40 inches in width. Currently the Ring only displays content related to Jet Blue, and its services and flight destinations. In the future the company does intend to sell space of its impressive digital signage system to other retailers and companies. The fact that the Ring has already won several prestigious design awards and is now considered a must see for visitors to JFK, whatever airline they are flying is a testament to the power of great digital signage.

These are just two short examples of innovative use of digital signage. As the media itself continues to expand and grow, there are certain to be many more examples even more impressive and unusual in the future. Remember the 3D hologram billboards in “Back to the Future 2?”With the advances being made every day in digital signage technology and digital out of home advertising. maybe they are not so farfetched after all.

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