LCD Enclosures Global – The only choice for protective HDTV cases.

LCD enclosures have over 20 years manufacturing experience, providing protective solutions to the electronics industry. Their time served sheet metal engineers fully understand the requirements needed for a protective HDTV enclosure.

With the evolution of the digital signage market, there seems to be more new comers to the LCD enclosure sector and many are claiming to be “manufacturers”. The only way to ensure you are speaking to a manufacturer is to talk to them, they should have the confidence to discuss what the PCD and SWG is of the product, if they can’t they are nothing but a re-seller, this is were many customers go wrong, paying too much for the solution that is not right for the project.

They buy an outdoor signage enclosure that the reseller has recommended rather than a solution that will work in the field for years to come, even in un-manned locations. The reseller is only concerned about their margin, however a manufacturer is more flexible, they can offer custom units, so if a so called “manufacturer” tells you that a custom unit will cost you twice or three times the amount this is a clear indication that they are a reseller.

One manufacturer is LCD Enclosures Global and their solutions are the perfect choice when protecting digital signage or when outdoor digital signage is being used. Their units protect LCD TV’s, HDTV’s as well as plasma televisions. So now if you want to watch the world cup in your garden, you can now!

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