LCD Enclosures for Schools

Seeing that many of the schools who are in the PAD project are deploying digital signage at many main stream schools, this has a two fold effect;

  1. The Reception area of the school does not get congested with parents at the end of the day
  2. Parents can see exactly how their son or daughter has done in the day.

Now deploying a digital signage solution in a playground were balls are likely to hit the expensive displays could be a potential nightmare, but LCD Enclosure Global has the answer. Many of the schools who deploy this electronic signage are choosing to house the hardware in protective LCD enclosures, increasing the lifespan of the display.

The system displays peices of work for each child, it also gives information on lunch money, trips thus reducing the amount of people needing to speak to the office staff in school.

Now they have a solution that can be left outdoors without worrying about vandalism. This solution goes well with their gas station digital sign solution.

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