LCD Enclosures and VoIP HD Cameras Used on Railroads.

During a recent exhibition LCD Enclosures Global attended, they noticed the wide opportunities for technology and LCD enclosures, for protecting passenger information, they already have had major wins in UK airports with passenger and infomercials.

Technology increases and it is an every changing business sector, the businesses who do not keep up with technology are left behind and struggle to catch up.

One UK transport company is looking to put LCD enclosures on to their concourses of the rail and tube stations to protect digital signage from vandalism. This is due to the company seeing an untapped market for creating an extra income stream from the advertisers and the advertisers benefit by increased brand awareness and an increase in product sales.

They are also looking at different technologies, that will protect us, the passengers. Such as a high definition digital camera that is also a VoIP telephone, (Voice Over Internet Protocol), so there are no running costs for this type of unit.

This will be used for checking the track for cracks and potential damage, the operator with the camera will check the track and if there is any damage, it can be reported immediately, he can then talk directly to the operation control centre and immediately send the image over the wireless network, so the location can be logged and the maintenance work scheduled in.

They are also using similar IP technology, to control access to areas within the station, as well as the car parks, with vehicle recognition software opening barriers for vehicles to exit an enter the car parks.

IP based CCTV systems will also be integrated into the transport hub, so that alerts can be set for example, if a backpack is left for a set time, around 3 minutes, unattended. Then an alert can be texted to the security manager, for prompt removal, perfect in this time of potential terrorist threats.

The digital signs will be housed in LCD enclosures, ensuring the lifespan of the digital signage system is lengthened. From here is will give passenger information, display commercials and can also be used to alert passengers if an incident arises.

What is new technology this week, is obsolete by the end of the following month.

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