LCD Enclosures – Know What To Look For From A Vandal Proof LCD Enclosure

LCD Enclosures Global – Anti Vandal Enclosures.

At LCD Enclosures Global, who are the leading manufacturer of various range of outdoor LCD enclosures, these are specifically designed for different applications.

LCD Enclosures For Outdoor Digital Signage.

The outdoor digital signage enclosure is designed to be bolted either directly to wall or suspended from a ceiling mount, high up for the best viewing spot, normally this is above everyone’s heads, so normally anyone who needs to access the housing for updating hardware or software has to use either a ladder or scissor lift.

The enclosures are locked by an industry standard lock, due to the units being installed high up out of reach of unauthorised personal, these units provide the necessary weatherproof protection.

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Anti Vandal LCD Enclosures.

Unlike any other LCD enclosure in the industry, this unit is locked by high security locks, unlike out competitors who use standard cam locks that can easily be overcome be a standard screwdriver.

These are also manufactured from thicker steel and the finish is a special anti vandal spray that prevents any vandal spraying the enclosures with spray paint. The viewing window is supplied in thicknesses depending upon the application and have supplied viewing windows up to ½” (12.5 mm) thick, this can resist a baseball attack or a 500g ball bearing being dropped from 1 metre.

The last point on this range of enclosure is the units can have a master key, this eliminates the engineer having to have a massive bunch of keys to check and update software on a digital signage network and just imagine if he has forgot the key and travels 200 miles to site only to discover the error! This will not happen with this range, as we supply a master key, it does not matter if there are 5 LCD enclosures or 200 enclosures in the outdoor digital signage network as they will all be opened with one high security key.

The best anti vandal LCD enclosure has the ability to slow down any attempted theft and some are equipped with a wireless webcam to record an “incident” when it happens.

LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.

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