LCD Enclosure Provides Protection From The Rain & Vandals.

The summer is almost over and some of us are thinking about next summer, especially when the 2010 World Cup is on the television. Now anyone can watch the World Cup outdoors, but before you get excited, there are some points to note.

Now if you were to mount a standard television on an external wall you would have to take into consideration several elements, depending upon if you intend on leaving the TV outdoors all year.

1. What is the average weather throughout the year? If it falls below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, you have to protect the display from the cold weather; this will mean some sort of protective case with an inbuilt heater that can be controlled.

2. Does it rain a lot? Well it does in the UK! So anyone considering putting a television outdoors needs to have some king of protective house that will not allow the rain into the TV. Obviously if the heat inside the enclosure rises, this could cause condensation inside the case and cause the television to fail due to corroded circuit boards.

3. Does it snow? If so, you need a protective case than can heat as well as cool, depending on how you wish to proceed or your budget.

If you want a solution that will work in all conditions it is wise to purchase an LCD enclosure that comes with a cooling tube, these cooling tubes are specially designed to be set at a particular internal temperature, no matter what the external temperature is. This then ensures that the television is kept at the best possible temperature.

The units all have built in security measures, such as requiring a special tool to install the TV onto the internal mounting bracket, without this tool it is impossible to remove the TV without it.

LCD Enclosures Global are a leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures that are used in both commercial applications as well as domestic use, by the hot tub. They have also launched a new product that is used as a petrol station signs.

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