LCD Advertising Displays Used In Healthcare

A cost effective solution to any digital signage campaign is known as an LCD advertising displays, these are free standing digital signage displays.

Like all businesses the health care sector is looking to create an extra revenue stream, during an initial meeting they realised that if they deployed an electronic signage solution they could also integrate some advertisements from the pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers and create some much needed cash.

Were are LCD advertising displays used?
An LCD advertising display can be used to display any form of information to customers or patients, they can be used in cinemas to inform customers what movie is showing at the correct theatre to providing patient waiting lists in hospitals mixed with advertising spots from suppliers. They can also be used at car dealerships to display the range of vehicles the dealership has access too, as well as displaying data on the used vehicles they can also stock.

What is an LCD advertising display?
These displays are specially manufactured as they are a free standing digital sign, each unit comprises of a commercial display that has an integral media player, so it is a straight out of the box solution for any small to medium business.

What is not included?
The only thing is not included is the content, so you have to either outsource this or have your IT department create something that will represent what you are trying to achieve.

The content can be created using many different types of software from PowerPoint to custom software specifically for digital signage, many offer a try before you buy package so you can see if it is right for you.

Now with selling advertising spots on a system can be very lucrative as the revenue created will definitely pay for the hardware and the if you charge a monthly fee, after the first two or three months the revenue will all be profit.

This now is a massive jump in technology and more and more advertising displays will be deployed in healthcare environments.

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