LCD Advertising Displays For Successful & Simple Digital Signage

LCD Advertising Displays for trouble free deployment.

Indoor digital signage is seeing an increase in LCD advertising displays, these LCD advertising displays are used in locations such as hotels and corporate head quarters for quick, trouble free deployments.

What goes into LCD advertising displays?

LCD advertising displays

The floor standing digital advertising signs are a complete solution that includes a commercial grade screen (normally LG screens), a media play that is PC based and will run almost any digital signage software.

All a user has to do is to create the content and add it to the media player, the media player is internally connected to the screen and is initially controlled by a remote control through the screens. The signage can be programmed to show the content at set times, it can even be scheduled to power up and power off if 24×7 operation is not required, this saves time, money and is good for the environment.

LCD advertising displays now touch screen.

The digital advertising signs are now being fitted with touch screen capabilities, so they be used for multiple functions from hotel way finding to allowing customer to select the model of vehicle they are interested in at a car dealership.

These touch screens can be single touch or multi touch, these can be used for gaming in Quick Serve Restaurant applications.

An example of way finding in a hotel.

Now imagine you arrive at an unfamiliar hotel for a conference, you then see the floor standing LCD advertising displays with the name of the conference so you approach the sign, you are then instructed to touch the sign and it directs you to the room the conference is held in. This reduces peoples waiting time for directions and frees hotel staff to deal with more serious issues.

Now touch screen solutions can be used for displaying the restaurant menus for lunch and dinner.

Sizes of LCD advertising displays.

These floor standing LCD advertising displays are available in sizes from 36” up to 85” and vary so much in design and functionality,  a units have software to display the ads, some do not, some have to be updated manually or updated through a digital signage network. Content updates for LCD advertising displays.

One of the main challenges is getting the content onto the advertising screen, this can be done in two ways, the first is manually using a USB drive, copying the content form a computer and then inserting the drive into the media player, however if there are a few of these signs the problem arises that it is time consuming and the additional cost of a networked enabled solution then seems more appealing as it pays for itself much faster. The networked digital sign can controlled from any where as long as there is an internet connection.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited make a range of outdoor LCD enclosures as well as supplying LCD advertising displays.

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