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LCD advertising display – simple but effective

An LCD advertising display can be a savior for any marketing or branding department of a business, as these simple solutions deliver a very effective marketing and advertising solution when done correctly.

Sizes of LCD advertising display.

LCD advertising display

LCD advertising display come in a variety of sizes including 40”, 50”, 55” and 65”, these all depend on the product being advertised. The screens are normally mounted in portrait however there are some solutions that incorporate 2 displays one in portrait and one in landscape.

The next point to consider is how the content will be updated, will you be only deploying a single unit or an entire network? If you are only deploying a single solution you would probably use a USB based solution because is the most cost effective solution. But if a network of these LCD advertising display are being installed in various locations the content can be updated providing the LCD advertising display is network enabled.

Both solutions are perfect for displaying presentations including video, audio, images in an entertaining manner.

Using the network enabled LCD advertising display will also allow monitoring of ads, so you could for example provide a monthly report on how many times their ad was displays and the the total times it cycled round the client can then see what effects this had on their sales. This can be done remotely by login into the media player at any of the locations and downloading the results in Excel format, making the results geographically targeted.

However a new way to get started in the industry is to start with a USB LCD advertising display and once they see results they can then fund the network solutions, but we make this transition simpler as we will take back the original LCD advertising display when upgrading to a network enabled LCD advertising display at a discounted price providing the LCD advertising display is working.

More and more businesses are using digital signage to get their marketing message out to existing as well as new customers and if you are not doing it, your competitors are.

LCD Enclosures Global manufacture a range of outdoor LCD enclosure as well as supplying a wide range of LCD advertising display solutions.

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