IP65 LCD enclosures for digital outdoor digital signage.

When any electronic device is taken outdoors, it inevitably causes problems, as most electronic devices are designed to be used indoors or at least in an office. With the constant population of public areas such as shopping malls, ferry terminals and airports with digital signage, now dynamic digital advertising is being pushed outdoors, to catch more customers attention and increase brand awareness.

Now one of the main issues of outdoor signage solutions, is the weather, with it being so changeable throughout the world. So the LCD and plasma displays need to be protected from the rain sleet, snow and direct sunlight. The ideal solution is to source a company who specialises in manufacturing European IP65 LCD enclosures, these are also referred to as NEMA 4X enclosures.

You must also double check the cooling or heating solutions of the supplier, as some just do not have the knowledge or experience and this will compromise your digital outdoor signage.

With the advancement of technology, the screens of most displays can cope with being placed in direct sun light, however when enclosed in a protective enclosure, you must ensure that the manufacture supplies the unit with an anti reflective screen, some “so called” manufacturers offer this but not as a standard, however if there were experienced in this field they would know, that it is essential for the success of the outdoor digital signage solution.

Our outdoor LCD enclosure solutions are backed with our vast knowledge and success in placing outdoor digital signage in locations, such as Norway (extreme cold to -30C) and on the other hand in Texas (extreme heat to 150 degrees C).

Our LCD enclosure range is designed to IP65 or NEMA 4X,  we also offer a range of heating and cooling solutions totally dependant upon the outdoor location the signage solution is located.

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