Interactive Touch Screens used in a Dental Surgery

LCD Enclosure Global explains:

Patient facing devices are becoming an acceptable part of everyday life, with out us even thinking about them.  So using an electronic tablet device on entering the dental surgery to register for an appointment is nothing new.

Capturing data in this way enables the staff to process the information in an efficient way, all helping in the smooth running operation, and giving the patient the optimum care.  Everything from a simple change of an address or telephone number, to updating any prescribed medicines can be minimally altered.

These interactive computers are usually networked to the main server within the dental practice, or alternatively linked via the internet to a central processor, as in the case of a dental franchise.  The information is stored securely with very little paperwork (though inevitably there is always some!).  The screens can be touched using a finger or stylus which eliminates the problems of illegible writing, causing mistakes to be made, and the program can be set out in the form of a flow chart – YES or NO boxes leading to other relevant questions, or a colour coded  format, with simple boxes to fill in.  This is appropriate to almost everyone, including older patients, who may not be as familiar or confident in working such technology.

Another profitable use of the digital menu board is to incorporate advertising, aimed at the patients.  Watching a moving screen is far more eye-catching than reading the more traditional static board and it provides a revenue ten fold, as more than the one advertisement can be running in sequence over a period of time.

This form of interactive data inputting is something we’ll see a lot more of in every walk of life.

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