Interactive Outdoor Digital Signage – Is it engaging?

One thing outdoor digital signage has to be, is engaging if not the people and companies who have invested in the advertising network have wasted their money.

What do we class as engaging?

Well anything that gets us as consumers involved with the advertisement, for example in London one company was using iPhones for consumers to upload their own images that a fashion house was then adding the images to clothing so people could see what they would look like wearing them.

Another occasion the Golden Arches company deployed a digital sign in Piccadilly Circus London and here they had an image of a strong man and again people could interactive using the mobile phone to send an image this image then put the head of the person on the strong man.

Now engaging with potential buyers has gotten easier with interaction, using a touch panel so the consumer selects the items they are interested in and can even pick clothing, creating a shopping list and then sending the item codes to either their email address or mobile phone.

Previously interactive outdoor solutions have been expensive; however now LCD Enclosure Global offers an interactive LCD enclosure that is very cost effective. The LCD monitor enclosures incorporate an external grade touch panel that connects to the LCD display and the small factor PC. These units are available in 40”, 46”, 50 and 60” sizes.

The interactive monitor enclosures provide the necessary protection from the weather as well as protection from possible vandal attacks. These can be deployed in almost any location from train terminals to car parks and can even be used for way finding.

The monitor enclosures come complete with an internal heating and cooling system protecting the screen and PC no matter what the external temperature is and the interactive panel can used in temperatures as low as -20 Fahrenheit even when a user is wearing a glove.

These units can be custom made to facilitate housing multiple screens providing a new, unique marketing solution for interaction.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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