Interactive Digital Signage Used To Market Mobiles

Interactive digital signage is now being used to target and sell mobile phones, do you want to know how?

Many mobile phone resellers are always trying to separate themselves from their competition, now they are using a range of digital signage solutions including interactive units to sell their range of mobiles.

When the new iPhone was launched one reseller had a digital sign manufactured in the shape of an oversized iPhone using a 32” LCD screen in the portrait position, the outside of the enclosure was plastic and only for indoor use as this was in-store and it displayed a video of how the handset worked and all the features including various aps.

Then another mobile chain had an oversized Blackberry to market the launch, now these stores have seen the benefit of using this type of solution.

Interactive digital signage is set up relatively simply by using a small form factor PC, an interactive panel and a monitor enclosure, the LCD monitor enclosures need to offer the correct heating and cooling so the internal hardware is kept at the right temperature to prevent them overheating or even freezing in winter.

How does it work?

The potential buyer sees the screen and touches the screen when it says male or female, this way the phones can be targeted this way, as most men would not want to own a pink Blackberry were most girls would. They are then targeted as to pay as you go or contract, then the price band per month, then the handsets are displayed.

The consumer can then touch the handset image they are interested in and see if the store has stock of the particular unit, if not when the stock will be in and even pre-order it.

If pre-ordered the company can ask for an email address or a mobile number to they can either email or text the buyer that the stock is in.

One thing is for sure, interactive digital signage is here and here to stay.

LCD Enclosure Global have over 20 yeas manufacturing protective enclosures including monitor enclosures, anything else is a compromise.

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