Interactive digital signage used at exhibition and trade shows

Exhibition interactive digital signage.

More and more businesses are using exhibition interactive digital signage, to engage with prospects at the trade shows, discover how this is achieved and how cost effective it is.

Interactive trade show signage.

The touch screen signs are brilliant at drilling down to get more information on a company, product or service. They can even be used as your 24 x 7 sales people! All you need to do is add the content to the computer attached to the display and then let the prospects at the trade show engage with the signs to get the data they need, just be on hand if they have any specific questions that the prospect may have for his or her project.

These interactive signs are one of the most effective for customer engagement, as 99% of the population has at one time or another used a touch screen mobile phone or tablet. This uses similar technology to deliver the advertising media and content, this can be in the form of still images, videos or even animations. The content is only limited by our own imagination.

Exhibition interactive digital signage.

Usually the easiest solution is a floor standing interactive digital signage kiosk as these can easily be integrated into the booth/stand design. These are available in an array of sizes from 40” up to 65” with screens in landscape or portrait – however the portrait screens are more popular for trade shows and exhibitions, as they are easier to integrate into the design.

These interactive kiosks can even be vinyl wrapped in the company’s logo and corporate colours, to enforce the branding of the business.

interactive digital signage

Transporting interactive digital signage.

When these exhibition interactive digital signage kiosks are being transported they also need protecting, as they are usually supplied initially in a wooden crate and once at the venue the crate is promptly disposed of, this can cause a problem in returning the interactive advertising kiosk to the corporate head office. Once the touch panel part of the display is damaged, all interaction is lost, so the best way to transport any floor standing interactive digital sign is by using a flight case or transit case specifically made for the kiosk, this will have the compartments for any accessories such as power lead and even base plate.

digital signage transit case

Using a digital signage flight case ensures that the hardware is kept in the best possible condition and will ensure the Return On Investment for the hardware will be fast and that the investment is kept in as good as new condition.

Flight cases ensure that the hardware is not dropped, as the internal foam will absorb most knocks and bangs associated with transportation on a flight, the cases also come with wheels that can be locked when in storage and released for ease of mobility to other modes of transport.

digital signage flight case

If you want to learn more about exhibition interactive digital signage and flight cases, please call us on +44 (0) 843 2893717.

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