Interaction in the restaurant and in-store

Digital signage interactive and in store.

Interactive digital signage is seeking a tremendous growth in the past 6 months, as organizations are understanding that it is easier for consumers to interact using dynamic advertising.

There are some quick serve restaurants that have deployed touch screen tables, so for instance whilst you are waiting for your order, you can go and play air hockey on the tables, this helps the restaurant in time warping, so customers think they time they have waited for their order is much less than it actually is.

Another option, is to use the interactive tables to promote specials such as children’s parties, meal deals and it will hold in the consumers mind for future reference.

Even some places of worship are using digital signage, they are using them to display on the floor a sea of flower petals, that the bride walks over, some think this is cheesy and some love it.

Indoor digital signage

digital signage

We even offer an interactive outdoor digital signage totem, this used our regular outdoor digital signage totem with the viewing window replaced with an infra red touch screen panel that connects to the commercial screen providing the touch screen solution. This has been developed from the touch screen digital signage solutions that are used in car dealerships.

These floor standing units provide all the information in segments on the screen, so all a customer has to do is touch the segment they are interested in, for example a car dealer may sell Ford and Dodge vehicles, but also has access to a network of different manufacturers vehicles.

In the main screen will be option to search by manufacturer or price, then when you touch the price category you will see different segments representing the different price category, so choose $10,000 and see what cars are available, then you can actually click on the vehicle you like and see the full details including mileage, service history and extras on the car.

It sounds complicated, but it isn’t all you have to do is create folders, much like a website and link the segment to each folder.

So the Pricing segment would have say 5 categories, $2500, $5000, $7500, $10,000, then when the segment is chosen it takes you to another folder with cars available for that price in manufacturers name order, just touch the car makers name and keep going until you see a car you want.

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