Indoor to Outdoor Digital Advertising In Less Than Two Years

From dynamic posters and digital menu boards we have all been familiar with electronic menu’s presenting tempting food for lunch and dinner, now with the advancement of the signage hardware more and more installations are branching out into what was previously un- known waters.

Now if you where to put a regular indoor kiosk outdoors it would not last long at all, as soon as there was any falls of rain or a frustrated youth. This is why there is a need to protect outdoor digital signage, should any of the hardware get harmed the advertising campaigns are dead.

So what are the options?
There are specifically produced outdoor kiosks these offer protection from the weather with water proof and weatherproof seals stoping any water or sand ingress. Imagine the problems if any sand got into the hardware. However these come at a price.

There is another solution and that is to use a standard commercial grade LCD TV along with a media player and fit them into a rugged case, this case can be produced to look like other kiosks with cable access in the base and even to include touchscreen capabilities, this solution is much more cost effective however it does offer the same protection as a dedicated outdoor kiosk.

Now the most cost effective method would be to use an LCD advertising display, these have a built in media player so updates are through a USB connection in the screen. Mount it into a protective LCD enclosure and you have the same outside protection for less than $1500 not bad value for a 42” outside digital sign.

This is one sure way of creating a digital signage network to a very small budget and then as the income streams grows with the demand for clients to put their ads on your network you can replace these with branded kiosks adding more credibility to your organisation.

Outdoor electronic signage will certainly follow the trends attached with indoor advertising and will definitely be sprouting up in even more obscure locations. No matter what the size of your budget or campaign, there is an advertising solution for you and your budget.

LCD Enclosure Global offer cost effective range of indoor digital signage as well as outdoor digital signage solutions, these include LCD enclosures and kiosks.

LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.

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