From Outdoor TV cabinets to Gas Pump Toppers!

Putting a TV screen outdoors no matter if it is for your home or to be used as a gas pump topper in the digital signage industry, LCD Enclosure Global have the solution.

Their experience in the enclosure manufacturing market is second to none, with over 20 years manufacturing experience the proprietor Graham Gallagher has manufactured protective waterproof and dust proof enclosures for almost every electronic item.

The dust proof LCD TV enclosure is designed to IP56, the European standard and is used on factory floors were there are air borne particles as well as fluid splashes that could damage the TV or the small factor PC, when used for digital signage.

With the deployment of digital signage in almost every location thinkable, businesses are using their intuitive to try increase their brand awareness at every opportunity. This is why manufacturers are deploying digital signs to the shop floor, so that they can enforce their brand whilst any potential customers are taking tours of their manufacturing facilities.

A water proof LCD enclosure is another option were a TV may come into contact with water on a regular basis, or if the digital signage enclosure is placed outdoors and it is susceptible to raining constantly.

LCD Enclosure Global have also designed only the second solution for petrol station digital signage, these gas pump toppers offer the relevant protection from the weather and potential vandalism as well as having inbuilt speakers for maximum audio quality.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise!

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